Special needs

Our goal is to ensure that all individuals are able to benefit from our accessible and effective programs with horses and animals by helping them develop positive values and skills. We have seen the amazing changes that can come from working with horses in our students. We believe our unique concept can help address social problems and increase the quality of life and happiness. 

The Alia Alassaf Academy offer classes for riders with special needs and disabilities. Private lessons prices will apply unless instructors require the extra help from another staff member such as a groom. After discussing a rider’s needs with their guardian or therapist, suitable arrangements will be made and adjusted prices will be offered accordingly.

Horse therapy for children at the alia alassaf academy
Horses have a healing working

Horses for healing

Horseback riding develops strength and balance, and increases self-esteem, benefiting individuals with conditions such as, autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity disorder, impaired mental development, social problems, diabetes, eating disorders, learning disabilities, trauma or depression.

To receive individual attention, we offer specifically tailored horseback riding programs, by our highly qualified instructors.


  • Happy with yourself!
  • Building on my self-confidence.
  • Being social, I can do that!
  • ​I am angry and what now?
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Reference horseback riding Alia Alassaf Academy
Horseback riding reference Alia Alassaf Academy

Interacting with animals

Meet, greet and interact with all your favorite animals!

​Animals help in many unexpected ways; interacting with animals decreases levels of cortisol (a stress related hormone) and lowers blood pressure.


​Animals can become a way to build a bridge for social interactions and can reduce loneliness and increase feelings of social support. Children develop better social skills, such as sharing and cooperation, and volunteering. Children who have consistent positive interactions with animals have fewer behavior problems and greater respect for others.


​Unlike other animal places where children simply observe the animals from a distance, at The Alia Alassaf Academy, children get to hold, pat, feed and ride them for a first-hand experience.

interacting with animals can help with social development

Riding to recovery

The Alia Alassaf Academy is offering a non-profit lesson program for children with chronic illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, brain tumor, cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia.