About us

The Alia Alassaf Academy is dedicated to cultivating a love for horses through world-class equestrian education. The academy is a beacon of Western equestrian standards in the region, promoting skills in horseback riding, horse care, and overall horsemanship. With a team of passionate professionals and a troop of magnificent horses, we aim to nurture confident, thoughtful equestrians who can apply their learning across all areas of life. Safety and horse welfare are the cornerstones of our operation, ensuring a supportive environment for all.

Girl touching a AAA horse

Mission & vision

To spread equestrian education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and provide horseback riding classes for all levels, ages and abilities with world class standards.

Through innovative coaching and learning strategies we present a fun, challenging and interactive environment for students to learn about horse care and riding. We focus on building confident equestrians who are able to transition their critical thinking, empathy and leadership skills to all aspects of their life.

Our goal is to be the leading equestrian academy in the region promoting the love of horses, the highest standards of horsemanship, riding skills and personal development. The welfare of the horses and safety of the students are always our first priority.

SBB Certified

The Alia Alassaf Academy is the only equestrian center in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan that is an accredited work placement company by the Dutch government cooperation organization SBB in the Netherlands for education, training and labour market.

A company granted this accreditation is competent to provide workplace training and apprenticeships for education. We provide a quality work placement for students within the horse business management and equine sports studies, in order to contribute to the creation of future professionals.


We are very proud of our horseback riding facility and the high reputation we have earned through providing quality services and experiences. The Alia Alassaf Academy has attracted horse enthusiasts from all around the world. Our references include a large variety of more than 60 nationalities’ with different ages and abilities. Our client base is largely comprised of expats, diplomats and mid-to-upper class Jordanians and their families. 


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