Why leasing a horse?

We are constantly learning from the horses when we are around them. If your goals include higher levels of understanding, improved riding skills or just spending more time with the horses, leasing a horse can be a great investment. Leasing or owning a horse gives a rider more options. Leasing allows you to try the horsey lifestyle.

Leasing a horse enables you to grow more
Horses for lease at the Alia Alassaf Academy
Lease horses in Amman

Who is eligible to lease a horse?

Our riders always have the first option when we have a horse available — but it really comes down to finding the right person for that horse.  It’s important to match the personalities of the horse and lessor.  We also look for riders with training and experience that are appropriate for the horse’s training and experience.

Horses are complex and needy animals, so we only lease our horses to people with the maturity to be responsible and safe and the willingness to learn. Parents who lease a horse for their child must also be active participants and encouraging their child to learn and perform horse keeping chores.

How much does it cost to lease?

You pay a lease fee — and we pay all stabling costs, including feed, hay, shavings, veterinary and farrier care. We require a 6-month minimum lease period; registration is possible twice a year (August - January / February - July). You ride and care for a horse of your own maximum four days each week, including preferred use of that horse for your riding lessons.  You must still take your regular riding lessons, during your lease period, at least one time per month.

How a typical horse lease works:

Our lease options allow you to spend additional days with your favorite school horse. On lease days, you may groom, do ground training, ride your horse, and just hang out and love on them. We maintain high standards for horse care, and we’ll be happy to teach you, in case you have no previous horse care experience.

To keep you and our horses safe and happy, some restrictions may apply depending upon your level of experience. (For example, we may not let you jump until we’ve taught you to do so safely).

In the event that a leased horse becomes lame or otherwise unfit for work, we will provide a substitute ride if possible, but please remember that we cannot guarantee this.


Horse Leasing Agreement
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Horse Leasing Rates
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