Welcome to The Alia Alassaf Academy for Equestrian Training & Education, the only Dutch-owned equestrian center in the Kingdom of Jordan. Accredited by the Dutch cooperation organisation SBB for education and training. We are located in the heart of the Jordanian countryside in Manja, Amman. The property sits on 3 hectares and is surrounded by impeccable nature.

The luxary stables of the Alia Alassaf Academy
the trach of the Alia Alassaf Academy in Amman
Luxery washing area's at the alia alassaf academy

With internationally educated instructors and over 25 school horses, both local and imported, The Alia Alassaf Academy is a world-class destination for children and adults of all levels and ages. We're proud to have one of the most diverse selections of students, which include students from countries such as Jordan, Japan, America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy and Spain. This is just a small selection of the more than 60 nationalities participating in our beautiful horseback riding programs.

The facilities at The Alia Alassaf Academy have been designed to accommodate the entire family - Toddler classes for the little ones, photo shoots, camps & school excursions, birthday parties, dressage and show jumping lessons, competitions, clinics with professionals from around the world as well as horse care and stable management training.  The Alia Alassaf Academy is the perfect destination for horse enthusiasts, families or those simply seeking a unique and enjoyable experience!

‚ÄčWe are always happy to welcome new faces to share in the wonderful experience of riding horses and would like to invite all of you to come out with friends and family to try for yourself.

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Is there a certain level of experience required to start riding lessons?

No, everyone, regardless of their level, can come to us for riding lessons. With more than 25 horses, both imported and local, there is a suitable horse for everyone. Whether you are sitting on a horse for the first time or have years of experience.

What is the required age for horse riding?

As long as you are physically in a state that enables you to ride, it is possible to start riding. This means from toddlers till pensionary, everybody is able to ride. Unsure if your child is old enough or if you are yourself too old? We love to meet you and look for possibilities!

My child has special needs, can they still participate ?

Yes, we also offer classes for those with special needs. Conditions such as, autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity disorder, impaired mental development, social problems, eating disorders, learning disabilities, trauma or depression. Or recovering from an injury? Our highly quilified instructors are happy to help!

I am already an experienced rider, will the lessons still challenge me?

We have a great team with international, highly educated instructors. With over 25 horses among several sports horses, we are sure there is a suitable horse for everybody. We provide lessons at any level of experience, challenging and fun.

How can I book a lesson?

You can book a lesson by calling/whatsapp the following numbers:

+962 (0) 79 555 3000

+962 (0) 79 705 8000