SBB certified

The Alia Alassaf Academy is the only stable in the Kingdom of Jordan that is an accredit work placement company recognised by the cooperation organisation for education, training and labour market SBB in the Netherlands. A company granted this accreditation is competent to provide workplace training and apprenticeships for education. We provide a quality work placement for students within the horse business management and equine sports studies, in order to contribute to the creation of future professionals.

We offer internships for students, looking to advance their knowledge and skill in the equine industry, with the potential for full time employment if available. Our equine internships are geared towards students pursuing equine/agriculture/animal related degrees, but anyone is welcome to apply, so long as they’re over 18. Whether you are interested in learning more about health care, grooming, horsemanship, stable management, riding and coaching or competing; this is an internship you should consider. You will get a tremendous amount of hands-on experience and on-the-job training.

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What can you learn?

  • Insight into complete management.
  • Guidance in learning to teach horseback riding lessons.
  • Supervising and managing staff where 'leading by example' is central
  • Schooling horses depending on previous experience.
  • Daily care of horses.
  • Coaching students at competitions.
  • Organising events.
  • Creating social media content.
  • Keeping track of inventories.
  • Monitoring the health and welfare of our horses.
  • Administration.

What do we have to offer?

  • A unique experience abroad.
  • Airplane tickets, visa, meals, luxurious accommodation.
  • Opportunity to make many international contacts.
  • Weekly trips to various sights.
  • Room for own initiative and development.
  • Lots of riding.
  • With sufficient experience, it is possible to enter a horse in a competition.
  • A committed internship supervisor.
  • Support in completing internship assignments.
  • Being part of an international team with motivated colleagues.

What are we looking for?

  • Student who is positive, adventurous and flexible.
  • Basic knowledge of the English language is required.
  • Respectful communication with people from a different cultural background and taking local norms and values into account.
  • BOL Student Level 3 or 4 / HBO Student.
  • Internship opportunities throughout the year.

Interested applicants should e-mail a cover letter, resume and references that includes:

  • A short summary of your equine experience
  • How the internship will contribute to your professional development
  • How you will contribute to the internship program (what will we remember you for).
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An Intern's perspective