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What can I expect during my first riding lesson?

Your first riding lesson will depend on your riding level. We will assess your knowledge, experience, and level of comfort. If you are taking riding lessons for the first time, our first priority is helping you be safe and comfortable around horses. We will show you around the stables, introduce you to your horse, teach you how to groom and tack up and start with the basics of riding.

For riders with previous experience, your first lesson is a great opportunity for us to assess your riding skills. Whether you want to jumping, dressage, compete or just have fun in the saddle, we will discuss your goals and plan your lessons accordingly.  

How do I prepare for my first lesson?

Before your first ride, you want to have proper attire and make sure to have your paperwork complete. When you visit the stable, you will have to read and sign our liability release form and the code of conduct. We also have a handout about some of the important “need to know”  items for visiting the stable and starting riding lessons. Those people who want to read about how we do things at The Alia Alassaf Academy, can read our “Operations & Procedures Manual” . All students should read the sections about riding. 

Are lessons private or in a group?

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons.

How many times per week should I take lessons?

Most people take one lesson per week to be recreational riders. Those who want to be more serious about riding will take two lessons per week.

When do you teach lessons?

We teach year round. We have an excellent surface arena, we teach trough the warm summer months and the colder winter months. We rarely cancel lessons due to the weather. We have lessons five days a week, taking Sundays and Mondays off from teaching. Because the majority of our students are either in school or working during the week, most of our teaching is done from 2 PM through to 6 PM, Tuesday through Thursday, and then all day Friday and Saturday from 8 AM through 12PM and 2 PM until about 6 PM.

What ages of children do you teach?

Our recommended minimum age for our regular lesson program is 3 years. We often require that all children, under the age of 18, with their parent(s) come to a “meet & greet” at the stable, for us to determine if the child has the mind-set, the attention span and physical ability to qualify for starting riding lessons at the Alia Alassaf Academy. Please email or contact the stable for setting up the meet & greet.

Do you provide helmets? What should I wear?

Safety is our first priority. For that reason we require all riders to have their own properly fitted helmet. If you do not have a helmet we can provide you a helmet to use or contact us before your first lesson and we will refer you to some great places in the area. Similarly we can recommend places to get boots, breeches and other clothing. If you do not have equestrian attire, you can get started with boots that have a heel, and comfortable stretchy pants.

Are the horses good for beginners? What about advanced riders?

We have a wonderful group of horses for all ages and experience levels and will pair you with a horse that suits your needs.

Can I come for a tour before booking my first lesson?

You are welcome to visit us for a tour. Please contact us first so we can choose a time we are available between lessons and caring for the horses.

When do I take lessons? Do I just show up at the stables?

All lessons are done by appointment, usually scheduled a week in advance.

How do I sign up / pay for lessons?

Members are able to pay for lessons cash at the office or through bank transfer.

Is showing an option?

Absolutely – many of our students do! All riders who wish to compete must ride a minimum of 2 times a week. We would be happy to discuss your goals.

What other activities do you offer for children?

Whole year round we offer special events such as camps, fun on the farm days, field trips. Each year is different so contact us for updated information or see our socials for the latest news.


Am I too old to learn to ride?

We don’t have a maximum age limit for riding but you should be in good physical health.

Is there a weight limit?

Our current weight limit is 80kg (including hat and boots) and we adjust that according to the horses we have in work. Each horse has its own individual weight limit.

Are the instructors qualified?

We have a selection of qualified instructors who have successfully completed the study of equine sports in the Netherlands.

How much do riding lessons cost?

We two different options:

  • Group lessons: 200 JOD for a package of 10. We offer small group lessons with 3-6 students for dressage or jumping.
  • Private lessons: 250 JOD for a package of 10. These 30 minutes lessons are tailored for your specific riding goals.

If I pay for the lesson package in advance, and I decide later on that I don’t want to take the riding lessons, will I get a refund?

No. We do not give refunds.

What do I do if I need to cancel?

Please cancel via Whatsapp or call us on 0795553000 and let us know that you can’t make it. Please try to let us have at least 24 hours notice after that you will be charged for the lesson.

Is riding dangerous?

It can be. A horse’s behavior can be unpredictable and even the most highly trained can sometimes react in an unexpected way. We do our best to minimize risk but horses do have their own minds.

We do everything we can to keep our riders safe: Our horses and ponies are carefully selected for their temperament. All of our instructors are trained in the safe conduct of lessons. We have First Aid trained staff available at all times