Horseback riding

Whether you want to ride for pleasure, improve your basic level of riding or to take your skills to competition level, we offer specialized instruction, customized to your individual needs and goals. Our range of well-trained and reliable school horses, from the steady schoolmasters who will look after even the most nervous beginner to those able to perform advanced dressage movements and confidently jump around a track of fences, will help you reach your goals.

horse riding in Amman



Dressage is a sport involving the execution of precise movements by a trained horse in response barely perceptible signals from its rider. Read more...


Waleed al Assaf is a respected horseman in the equine industry. Read more...

Show jumping

The Alia Alassaf Academy offers jumping classes and courses to suit all ranges of ability. Read more...


Horsemanship skill building These lessons are given by an ORUN certified horse & behavior instructor from the Netherlands. Read more...


When you ride for the first time, keep in mind that the clothing you wear  around horses affects your safety. This fact may not seem obvious at first, but your apparel can protect you from errant hooves, falls to the ground, and nasty chafing.


Helmets are the most important part of your wardrobe if you plan to ride. In the event of a fall, a helmet is the only thing between your skull and the hard ground. So always wear a helmet when you ride!

We are happy to loan you a riding helmet for a few lessons, but we always prefer riders have their own personal helmet to ensure a perfect fit for ideal safety.



The second item to purchase now is a pair of riding boots. Riding boots should have a significant heel to prevent your foot from slipping completely through the stirrup. Never wear sneakers when riding or working with horses. They are slippery in the stirrup, and they provide absolutely no protection if you are stepped on.

Safety vests:

If you plan to continue horse riding or start to jumping, a safety vest is a worthwhile investment!

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